How to arrange a meeting with a stranger from the online chat

Nowadays, communication between people has moved to a virtual world. And this is due to many reasons:

* the use of the Internet in different countries and continents and the simplicity of its the capabilities to communicate;

* most of these services are anonymous and there is no need to create your own profile;

* it is much easier to communicate in the virtual world than in the real one for many people, given the peculiarities of their character;

* a lot of people do not have time on communication because of their work.

How to make a positive impression on your interlocutor?

Communication with a stranger in the chat is always an intrigue and a surprise. If you have serious intentions and you want to make a positive impression, you have to follow certain rules.

If you want to continue communication with the person you like, you should follow these recommendations:

* you should prepare for a conversation in advance;

* do not forget about your appearance. It will help you to make first impression which you need;

* try to smile more often. A smile is the key to mutual understanding. If you want, you may compliment her;

* try to look directly in the eyes of your interlocutor. If you hide your eyes, it will alarm the interlocutor;

* try not to ask your interlocutor too many questions, especially personal and especially at the very beginning of the conversation;

* if you communicate with the other person in the video chat, you should not do something else in parallel. This distracts you from the conversation and offends your interlocutor;

* if you want to continue communication with your interlocutor, you should take care of it. You may not meet him or her in the chat-roulette next time, so you should exchange contacts, email addresses or other information.

If you have met a stranger in the chat and you want to continue communication with him/her, you should remember the following:

– the person you met in the chat may not be who you claim him to be;

– do not disclose your all personal information at the first meeting;

– you should finish the diolog, if your interlocutor asks too many questions about your property status, your car, earnings and so on;

– if you are going to meet a stranger from the chat, notify someone of your friends about it.

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