How to use Chatroulette

Chatroulette service is an example of a successful idea which has become popular around the world. A student from Russia came up with a service that has made the process of communication interesting and exciting. What is more, he has quickly gained over a million fans in the Internet.

How the Chatroulette service works

Chatroulette service is a platform that brings together people who look for communication. The service has the following features:

* a text chat with strangers;

* a video chat with strangers from around the world;

* a quick and easy change of an interlocutor.

Chatroulette is often compared to roulette. In the chat-roulette the system every time selects a random stranger for communication as roulette does.

The main features of Chatroulette are:

* the users of the service do not have to create their own profile on the site;

* this service is absolutely free. You do not have to pay for using it, only for the Internet;

* only two interlocutors can take part in the conversation;

* connection, selection and change of the next interlocutor happen very quickly.

Disadvantages of Chatroulette

There are some disadvantages among the features of Chatroulette:

– there is no probability of reconnecting with a stranger who you have already met. Therefore, if you like the person, you should exchange contacts with him/her;

– the service may contain inappropriate content, as there is no censorship in it. Therefore, only people who are over 18 years old should use the site. You can complaint about the one who do not follow the rule to the site administration.

How to use Chatroulette?

The service for communication with random interlocutors is very simple. You should have a gadget or a computer with a web camera, internet access and free time to use it. In addition, Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your device. The service site has a minimum number of controls. There are only a few buttons and a window for displaying the video stream.

You do not have to register on the site. You just need Adobe Flash Player to allow access to your microphone and camera. You will see an interlocutor, whom the system has selected for you, by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. If you realize that he does not suit you, you can click on the ‘Next’ button to select the next interlocutor. Or you may click on the ‘Stop’ button to finish the dialog.

Chatroulette is a simple way of online communication. It will bring a lot of interesting and unexpected meetings. This service is for you, if you want to spend the evening with a new person or make friends with people in other countries.

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