How to overcome shyness

Even the most courageous people from time to time feel insecure, especially when it comes to a first date, communicating with a girl or a boy they like. How to overcome insecurity, to talk at ease and to interest an interlocutor? Here are some useful tips.

Start communication with virtual chat or conversation

Communication in chat-roulettes takes place with the help of a webcam, so you can relax at home in a comfortable armchair. At first, you can replace the conversation with ordinary correspondence, but you should not conduct it for too long.

Choose a time convenient for you

There should be enough time for communication to completely relax. For example, you can schedule a conversation the evening after work, when no one will distract you, and you can spend several hours having an interesting conversation.

Make up questions in advance

This is one of the advantages of virtual chats where you can pre-define a list of interesting questions and even answers to them. Nobody demands spontaneity from you, just be yourself and ask what is really interesting.

Ask such questions that the interlocutor can give detailed answers. In this case, you will avoid awkward silence. Do not be afraid to ask additional questions on the topic and make clarifications yourself. With this approach, any conversation will go smoothly.

Behave naturally

Do not make unusual gestures or take an uncomfortable position in front of the monitor, wear luxurious clothes, because all this gives you an insecure and timid person. During the conversation, imagine that you communicate with your best friend or close relative. Try to behave the way you interact with them.

Praise yourself for every attempt

For unsure introverts, any approval is crucial. That is why, after each chatting session, even after short conversations, praise yourself or share your achievements with friends.

Communicate for practical purposes

For some people, it is easier to communicate at ease when they do this for a specific purpose. Learning a foreign language is the best option. Ask the interlocutor to explain the meaning of a word, to tell about the rules of grammar or cultural features of his country. You can be sure that a few hours of such conversations with a stranger, and feeling of constraint and tension will disappear! Thus, online communication is a great way to overcome shyness in a conversation, become a socially active person, make friends and useful connections and even build romantic relationships.

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