The art of flirting with a girl in a video chat

Among most guys there is an opinion that flirting with a girl is simple and does not require any effort and skills. Therefore, only a few guys can flirt with girls. Already they understand that in order to flirt correctly, you have to practice a lot. The goal of flirting is to let the girl know that you are interested in her. Do not talk about it directly, use hints. To master the art of flirting, it is not enough for a man to simply be as relaxed as possible, to have a sense of humor, to know his own worth and to be self-confident.

You should read and remember the following tips. They relate to communication in a video chat, when a guy worries that he will get bored with his interlocutor, and she simply switches to another person.

Tip number 1. Use your body language because it shows more than just words. It is necessary to establish eye contact, not to keep your arms crossed on your chest and smile more.

Tip number 2. Do not forget about delicacy. It is necessary to develop sophistication – do not to say trivial compliments and talk as if the girl on the other side of the screen is special.

Tip number 3. The topic of conversation should be about her. Although a video chat does not involve prolonged communication, you have to learn from her first three remarks about her hobby, brothers and sisters, pets. You can touch on a topic that seems to be worthless to a guy, but very interesting for a girl.

Tip number 4. Tease her when the tension is already removed. This can be done by laughing, making a joke about the girl’s appearance or about how she laughs.

Tip number 5. Express your wit with non-banal jokes and playful answers. Any topic raised by her should be of interest to you. It is better to express your own opinion about it, it will turn out to show the originality of the mind.

Tip number 6. Show your sense of humor. But it does not mean that you have to constantly laugh. So you can only show stupidity. In order not to look ridiculous, jokes should be appropriate. You can not interrupt the interlocutor.

Tip number 7. Do not be too straightforward. Hints of kisses and especially intimacy are unacceptable. You cannot stare at the girl. All that comes of it is to push her away.

Tip number 8. Being too careful is not worth it. Surviving, worrying and shaking during a conversation are a sign of self-doubt. It is better to make a few compliments and act on the situation.

It remains to add that you should not fill the conversation with only flirting. Communication should be versatile. You need the conversation filled with her, you and abstract topics. So flirting will be easier. Good luck in the art of flirting with girls!

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