How to show your feelings at a distance

It is believed that to show your feelings, being at a distance, is the most difficult thing to do. It is especially difficult if you have met using chat-roulette. But there are several reliable ways that can make it clear to your soulmate that he or she is not indifferent to you. Consider the most effective ways.

Do not hide true emotions

When communicating with someone you like, do not hide your emotions. Try to be very frank. Unfortunately, we have not yet learned to read each other’s thoughts, especially when we are at a distance. Feel free to tell him / her about your feelings, hopes, fears, relationships with other people.

But do not immediately speak about the sympathy for the partner. Wait a bit so as not to scare him away. When contact is established between you, tell him about the feelings. In this case, the likelihood of emotions is much higher.

Prioritize correctly

Being at a distance from each other, both partners periodically become hostages of their own problems and deeds. But in order to show your feelings, try to devote more time to your partner. Distract from work and report on the flow of processes, try to listen to your partner.

Do not forget about each other. Because prolonged silence divides people and eventually reduces their communication. Not seeing you, not feeling the mood, a person will begin to devote more time to other people.

Appreciate the work the partner does and do not forget about the compliments

Support is one of the most important parts of relationships. If a person has problems at work or school, then try to defuse the situation. First, listen carefully, and then you can say that he / she will cope with troubles. It helps to cheer up and understand importance of your communication. It is a sure way to show real emotions.

If a partner does something for you, then do not forget to thank him. Write a short letter and send. Additionally, you can attach your photo where you look satisfied.


From a distance, you can give gifts. This makes the relationship more romantic and it is the surest way to express emotions. Be sure to attach a small, gentle letter to it.

You can send a present by mail or delivery. The courier will deliver a gift to the girl’s door for an additional fee.

If you are a girl, you can send a letter, warm socks, your favorite game for a young man. This is a very pleasant moment, showing the depth of feelings.

There are many ways to show your sympathy, so you can use each of the presented ones. They will also make it clear whether the other person feels the same way. You should do everything carefully, without imposing yourself, and then everything will be fine.

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