How to feel confident on a first date

Often on a first date, people feel insecure, because they are unfamiliar at all. But there are reliable ways that will make you confident and allow you not to be constrained when spending time together. Consider each of the most popular options.

Think up topics for conversation

The most common problem is an awkward pause between unfamiliar people. To prevent this from happening, think about topics for conversation in advance. Write them on a piece of paper and use any of them.

You can also prepare answers to the most common questions – about study, family, friends, love. Write down capacious and sometimes funny answers to show yourself as an interesting person.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes are normal, you should not be afraid of them, especially during the first date. Otherwise, you will seem nervous to the interlocutor, this will create a tense atmosphere.

Sincere interest

Try to learn a lot about the person you are talking to. Ask leading questions and clarify details during a conversation. But do not overdo it so as not to seem like a persistent person. Do not cross personal boundaries if your partner does not allow this.

Listen carefully, try to feel the mood. Ask correct questions.

Sense of humor

It is very difficult to find a person with a suitable sense of humor. During the first date, try to pick up jokes that are understandable to both of you. If between friends there are many personal funny stories that can cause a smile, then this is hardly suitable for a stranger.

But feel free to joke, do it in your own way. But you should avoid non-standard humor, for example, jokes about black people.

Do not have illusions

Do not make great plans for a stranger. Do not think too much and do not be obsessive. If the meeting goes well, then most likely you will be thanked and invited to see again.

These tips will help you feel more confident. The main thing is to listen carefully and engage in dialogue. If you previously noticed that there are difficulties with answers or topics, write them down. The feeling that you are ready for different situations gives strength, so the chance of making mistakes decreases.

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