What compliments to tell a girl when chatting

Chatting seems to be devoid of any conventions. Especially if it is anonymous as Omegle or Chatroulette, and the interlocutors do not have to be responsible for what they say. It would seem that making a compliment to the girl would not be difficult at all. Just write what comes to mind and a beautiful stranger will be pleased! But in reality this is not so at all.

In chats, there are certain unwritten rules of communication, and they should be followed. Especially if you liked the interlocutor and would like to continue communicating with her in the future, and possibly move them to real life. Otherwise, you can simply push away a charming stranger.

So, we are learning to make virtual compliments.

No vulgarity

On the Internet, you can be anyone, including a hero-lover, a conqueror of millions of women’s hearts. But in any case, do not use vulgarity. The compliment will play the exact opposite role, dispelling all dreams of further continuing pleasant communication. And this means that it should be felt in those words that you write or say to the interlocutor.

So, compliments on the Internet should not be banal, boring, especially vulgar. If in real life they are spontaneously spoken, and sometimes it is just not possible to take the words spoken aloud, then in a virtual environment everything is completely different. Here you can think a hundred times before sending a message, if we are talking about correspondence. If you prefer the video format, then you can prepare several compliments in advance, which you can then simply pronounce.

Which is better: poetry or prose?

If you can write poetry, even if it is short quatrains, devoid of fairy rhymes, try to attract the girl with your creativity. Many guys think their own verbal creativity is naive and funny, but the girls like it. In general, verses have one wonderful property: to penetrate exactly into the heart, touching the soul. You can try to send or quote the words of famous poets. This, of course, is not as cute as demonstrating your own creativity, but a stranger may also like it.

Compliments in prose are also good, though not always. Girls like it when their beauty is compared to something unusual. They are attracted to fabulous analogies (princesses, fairies). True, it is worth recognizing that quite often the simplest, kindest words, spoken honestly, with true feeling, penetrate the soul.

In general, one cannot say which is better: poetry, prose, own thoughts or quotes. There is no universal recipe. Just try to get to know the girl better, understand her nature and then make the compliments. And they will definitely like it, warming up the interlocutor and giving a chance to become even closer to each other.

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