Should you choose Chatroulette or

Chats have become a part of our lives, because they allow you to communicate with new people without leaving your home, discuss the latest news, make new friends and even find a soulmate. Chatroulette and are the greatest sites with a large number of users. Let’s consider their features and give recommendations for choosing.

Why is it comfortable to communicate on Chatroulette?

It is the longest running site and it is great for adult users. Here you can find an interesting interlocutor for free, set up a search by location, age or gender. The chat has the ability to completely random search without taking into account common interests.

You will need a phone number to register, unlike This can be annoying, but in practice, it protects you from scammers.

Please take into account that most users have difficulty connecting to the chat if they use Adblock.

The site has a large number of users, there is a function of blocking an unpleasant interlocutor, so communication will be as pleasant as possible.

Advantages of

This is a great chat that involves simple registration (for example, using an account on a social network). Here you can communicate with people of your gender who are close to you. A distinctive feature is a more modern interface and the ability to install an application that will allow you to communicate from anywhere in the world.

On the site, you can communicate not only by video, but also by text messages, however, the first method is considered the most popular.

Should you choose Chatroulette or

If you want just communication, it is recommended to use, a site that is constantly updated, it is possible to use a mobile application. However, the chat-roulette is also suitable for classic lovers who prefer proven interfaces and a large number of users.

Chats also have common advantages:

· They are free to use (unlike more modern versions, there are no paid gifts and stickers).

· Ability to block the interlocutor or simply switch to another person.

· Good video quality.

· Ability to exchange personal data and contacts for more private communication.

· Constantly adding new users.

· No restrictions on topics (it is enough just to show respect for the interlocutor).

· Ability to not only communicate by video, but also write text messages that will allow you to prepare for a real conversation with a webcam.

Thus, both chats are noteworthy. Which one to choose depends on your preference, however, most of the functions are the same here. You can try two sites at once to find even more friends and communicate with interesting people.

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