How to tell a man you love him: the most graceful ways to express feelings

Declaration of love is a great responsibility. In addition, such an act requires courage, especially if the first one to take the initiative is a girl. How to properly confess your love to a man and not look intrusive? Here are the best ways and subtle hints that he will definitely decipher.

Write a poem

You can send a ready-made version from the Internet, but a cute, albeit slightly awkward, rhyme of your own composition will look much more advantageous. In it, tell about your feelings and clarify whether you can count on reciprocity? This method will definitely not be ignored, especially if you communicate with a man for a long time, and you have a close emotional connection.

Send a virtual gift

Many video chats have this feature. A virtual gift is inexpensive, but the guy will guess your hints and understand how you feel, especially if you choose cute hearts or a saying phrase.

Send songs

Choose lyric songs about love and romantic feelings and send them to your man periodically. After several compositions, your chosen one will definitely understand that you are serious and will reciprocate. This method is suitable for men who understand hints and also have reciprocal feelings for you.

Direct explanation

This is the most difficult, but also effective way, after which you will receive a direct answer. It is a little easier to do this online, especially if you send your confession in writing. Choose the right moment when the other person is in a good mood, and nothing bothers him, and then write directly to the person about your feelings. Indicate what exactly you are counting on, ask how the man feels towards you. In this case, you risk being rejected, but even in such a situation you should not despair: at least you will not waste time with this person and will be able to move towards your goal by meeting other people.

What not to do when declaring love?

Here are some ways that will definitely not lead to anything good:

1. Just keep quiet. A person may not be aware that you feel something for him, since only a few men will be able to understand subtle hints. In this case, you risk wasting time in years of waiting.

2. Confess your love several times and beg for reciprocity. Such obsession and dependence on a man will definitely scare a person away. Do not waste time with people who are not interested in you.

3. Make confessions to a person who has a soulmate, relations with whom are initially hopeless. It is better to pay attention to more suitable young people who are willing to start a relationship with you.

By observing all these rules, you will gracefully confess your love to the man you like, get a positive response and be able to start a romantic relationship that definitely has a future.

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